Almond Mamra (Badam) Premium

Rs. 875.00 Rs. 1,250.00

Regency brings you the most premium Mamra almonds. It is considered as a potent energy snack due to its high sugar content. Not only it is high in nutritional value, but it is also deliciously crisp and exotic. Every bite of these fresh almonds will instantly transport you to the rich plains of Persia, where growing this super snack is a tradition since the dawn of time. Mamra Almonds are rich in Magnesium which helps to cut down Hypertension and maintain good heart health.

Due to its higher oil content, it has more calories than any other variety of Badam. Mamra Almonds from Regency is as close to perfect as a food can get.These are vegan-friendly, sugar-less and gluten-free snacks. This is a product of Regency Spices. Founded in 1951, Regency has its global presence over 30 countries and gives supreme priority to the quality and standards of dry fruits and spices.