Almond Mamra (Badam) Standard

Rs. 785.00 Rs. 1,000.00

Mamra Almonds from Regency is a rich source of Vitamins, Proteins and Minerals. In contrast to other almonds, Mamra almonds are rare, tasty and have a higher nutritional value. It is a rich source for other nutritive elements like potassium, calcium, magnesium, fibre and phosphorus. Almonds are also known as an exceptional culinary ingredient and are commonly used as a garnishing constituent in food or desserts. It is popularly preferred to make badam milk.

It also has anti-cancer properties and acts as a counter agent for colon cancer and protection against diabetes. It also helps to prevent skin disorder, anaemia and respiratory diseases. It is also good for the brain and heart. These are vegan-friendly, sugar-less and gluten-free snacks. This is a product of Regency Spices. Founded in 1951, Regency has its global presence over 30 countries and gives supreme priority to the quality and standards of dry fruits and spices.