Cashew (Kaju) Kernels W320

Rs. 299.00 Rs. 395.00

Cashews are the most valued product in the dry fruit industry and are commonly used in cooking and confectioneries. They are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, palmtoleic, vaccenic, linolenic, and gadoleic acids, and especially oleic and linoleic acids. Cashew are also used as a topping for salads, Rava, Upma, oats and to cook sweets like Payasam in India.

Regency's cashews are fresh, crunchy, and truly a delicious snack. These are vegan-friendly, sugar-less and gluten-free snacks. This is a product of Regency Spices. Founded in 1951, Regency has its global presence over 30 countries and gives supreme priority to the quality and standards of dry fruits and spices.