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Regency's Brazil nuts come out of the pack ready for your snacking needs that offer a creamy texture and sweet taste. It delights you while also supplying an invaluable source of nutrition. Brazil nuts have a smooth texture and a delicate buttery taste. This snack is a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins, monounsaturated fats, and protein. When it comes to taste and feel, it is very much similar to macadamia nuts. Chop and add them to baked goods or salads for that gratifying crunch. To add a nutty richness and nutrient boost in a cake or brownie, you can partially include Brazil nut flour.

Brazil nut can also be eaten raw or roasted. Due to its high antioxidant content like selenium, it can prevent cell damage, boost the immune system and increase red blood cell density. Consuming a handful of Brazil nuts can also help lower the risk of heart disease. Brazil nuts are also acknowledged as a brainfood due to its high concentration of selenium. Apart from selenium, Brazil nuts are also a good source of magnesium that is vital for bone density. The magnesium content in nuts helps in the formation of bones and bone-regulating cells.

Brazil nuts also help to fight against the progression of diabetes. These nuts are a healthy alternative to satisfy your hunger pangs between meals. Higher magnesium intakes lead to greater bone mineral densities. While roasted brazil nuts are available throughout the year, its best to have fresh Brazil nuts in the shell during fall and early winter. These are vegan-friendly, sugar-less and gluten-free snacks.

This is a product of Regency Spices. Founded in 1951, Regency has its global presence over 30 countries and gives supreme priority to the quality and standards of dry fruits and spices.

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