Trail Mix

Rs. 325.00 Rs. 360.00

Regency is determined to bring your snacking appetite back to its glory with the snack-healthy trail mix! Our trail mix has everything for everyone that includes a wholesome mix of nuts, berries and dried fruits, and is a quick energy booster for hiker, sportspersons or people on the go. Nuts and seeds come packed with natural plant protein, which is an essential building block of our bodies.

Nuts help our body to slow digestion and the release of glucose into the bloodstream. Trail Mix, therefore is a rich source of energy, without the sugar spikes. Trail Mix is a major source of fibre that helps to prevent heart disease, diabetes, weight gain and some cancers, and can also improve digestive health. Fibre is a vital part of a healthy balanced diet. Just a handful of Trail Mix can make you feel filled up by satisfying your hunger and reducing appetite.

Trail Mix is also a heart-healthy diet that monitors the level of “bad” cholesterol level in your blood. Nuts have unsaturated fats, and it is a harmless yet important part of our diet that's needed for essential nutrients and energy that our body can't make on its own. High consumption of these plant-based food result in fewer lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart disease etc. Nuts also help you to lose weight by making you feel fuller and less hungry. People who consume nuts regularly are known to be leaner than those who don't.

These are vegan-friendly, unsalted and gluten-free snacks that will keep you energized without filling you up! This is a product of Regency Spices. Founded in 1951, Regency has its global presence over 30 countries and gives supreme priority to the quality and standards of dry fruits and spices.